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We have devised and developed a fivefold approach to ensure that our teaching method is not sloppy and boring; instead it engages the student so that not only the concept is clear but also they learn the fundamentals thoroughly.

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This is the most basic step when it comes to teaching. Our teachers do not merely explain a concept with chalk and board. We use practical examples, diagrams etc. And to make sure that everything is understood well, we also have question and answer sessions.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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To make a topic easily understandable, the teacher also uses various illustrations, demonstrations etc


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A one way lecture is boring. To make the lecture interactive and engaging, teacher constantly asks questions to students to gauge how much and how well they have understood.


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Once the student understands the concept, they are given practical problems to be solved using the concept. This helps stimulate their minds and explore their potential.


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We conduct regular tests to evaluate the students’ progress and how he is grasping the things being taught. This also helps us to derive ways to improvise our teaching methods.


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As the idiom goes – there is always room for improvement, we constantly seek ways to improvise and better our teaching methodology. We undertake course of actions to pave way for constructive changes in the way we function. All our efforts are directed towards one aim- to create an environment for all rounded learning and molding a bright future for our students.

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At MS Tutorials we firmly believe in the adage ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words’. The reason is simple- on reading a paragraph of 10 sentences, how much would one remember? 4-5 sentences at the most. However, if you see 10 pictures, how many would one remember?

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On an average 9 pictures!!

It is a proven fact and we have adopted this technique to make the process of teaching simpler and interactive. Illustrations and diagrams help the student grasp the concept fast and remember it for a long time.

 Merely enabling a student for an upcoming exam is not teaching. We mould the student in such a way that he is confident to face the rigors of today’s cut throat competition for pursuing a successful career. A well rounded student is one with knowledge as well as expertise, and this is what we aim for.

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