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There is a quantum jump in the difficulty level from class Xth to class XIth math and science. Students get rattled with the pressure because of school studies and preparations for competitive examinations simultaneously. Therefore we have scientifically designed this syncro-coaching program which covers both board and PMT syllabus in a strategic manner which requires minimal extra effort overboard exams. This course provides one stop solution for all your needs for BOARD and PMT preparations.

We precede the syllabus as per NCERT sequence to make sure that the students always remain a step ahead in their studies and examinations at the school. The course consists of more than 1100 hours of classroom studying and is divided into eight phases.

Phase Structure – Academic Session 1

Phase I (Warm-up)
Before starting actual syllabus for class XI, few concepts from lower classes, required for board & competitive examinations will be taken. For example, mathematical tools used in physics, fundamental concepts of chemistry (acid & base, Metals & non-metals, chemical reactions etc) and math basics (logarithm, inequalities, the theory of equations & inequations, graphs etc.) will be taken up.

Phase II
Around 50% syllabus of class XI for all three subjects will be taken. This phase will be easy going and pace will be less compared to other phases. We will also treat this phase as a confidence building phase, as they say well begun is half done.

Phase III
Remaining 50% syllabus of the class XI will be covered in this phase. This phase will be done at a moderate pace. The phase test will cover topics pertaining to this phase only.

Phase IV
Revision of all topics of class XI with two topic tests every week followed by doubt remedial and discussion sessions. Board level and PMT level mock test papers covering complete class XI syllabus will be conducted. After this phase students will be given a break to prepare for their final exams.

Phase Structure – Academic Session 2

Phase V
Around 50% syllabus of class XII will be covered. Motivational workshops will also be provided periodically during this phase. After completion of this phase students will be ready for their half yearly examinations at school.

Phase VI
Remaining 50% syllabus of class XII will be considered. The topics will be covered up to PMT level with sufficient focus on concept building. This methodology will help students to excel in their board exams. This phase will be completed before the pre-board exams.

Phase VII
Complete syllabus of Class XII from board point of view will be revised. Ten board level, four PMT level mock test papers will be conducted. After this phase students will be given break for self study for final board examinations. Full telephonic support and doubt remedial classes will be provided to the students during break and final board exams.

Phase VIII
Six days a week, six hours lectures followed by one hour test will be conducted during this phase. All important topics from competitive point of view will be taken up. Five PMT level mock test papers will be conducted during this phase.

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