Director -1

Mrs.  Geeta K. Maurya, the principal of MS Tutorial is a lecturer of exceptional caliber and more than 17 years of teaching experience. Her teaching experience is rich and varied. She also has been a faculty member of the physics department at NES College – Bhandup for 13 years.

According to her at MS, “Learning is pleasure than pressure “. It is her dream to educate students of different IQ to take bold and successful steps towards achieving larger goals of becoming a doctor, engineer or any professional.

Through our teaching-learning sessions, we mould students at all levels to face the rigours of competition in pursuing a professional career. It will enable in making him/her, a more confident individual adept in tackling any exam with the required expertise and knowledge.

Our efforts are channelised in providing quality service with a very reasonable fee structure. Our goal will be realized through an efficient team of teachers, written and online test series, excellent study materials, conduction of revision, seminars, practical workshops and much more.

It is our constant endeavor to also improvise our teaching methods and making provisions for constructive changes in our program and style of functioning. All efforts pave the way for creating a perfect learning environment and ultimately a bright future for our students.

Director - 2

Mr. Krishnakumar Maurya is one of the founding members of MS Tutorials Pvt Ltd. He is an IT (Software) professional with 18 years of experience and has worked for many well known IT companies in India, US and UK. To name a few of them, IBM, Melstar, Knights Technologies, L&T Infotech.

Krishnakumar, also known as KK, is an avid reader with interests ranging from academics to IT projects. He himself teaches students Computer Science for last 10 years. His methodology is very simple – stick to basics, move to advanced topics, keep students involved with lot of practicals. He believes in minimum technology with maximum personal connect with students and academia. His philosophy is very simple, students must go back to the roots of learning – refer to external tools only when required rather than becoming completely dependent on technology.

He is now working on technologies of the future – Data Science. Being a hands-on person, he even takes lectures on subjects like R, Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence Tools like Tableau, SAS etc. He has launched his own Data Science company – www.bigiota.in.

He likes to talk to students and guide them on their academic issues, higher studies and career.

You can reach to him in class, on Twitter @kkmaurya or LiknedIn www.linkedin.com/in/kmaurya

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